Bija light offers private or group sessions for yoga and reiki. Contact me with any questions on details and pricing. 

  • Yoga 
    • NEW BACKYARD YOGA – private and semi-private distanced Backyard Yoga! Contact me for details on hosting a class for yourself or a group. Yoga offers a positive release of energy and exercise, as well as community and connection. Backyard Yoga provides an alternate and unique experience to celebrate and find joy together.  

    • Prenatal,  Postnatal, Beginner, Gentle, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Family, Preschool 
  • Postnatal Support
    • Providing support during the 4th trimester to moms in the form of pranayama, reiki, yoga, meditation, coping skills for stress, organizational support and preparation surrounding meals, nutrition, housework, child care, self care and relationships. 
  • Reiki is a holistic healing treatment that means “universal life energy.” It is a transfer of energy causing relaxation and opening throughout the body so that the self- healing process may unfold. Reiki works to improve the whole being. As energy flows the body relaxes, energetic blockages dissolve, and the warm flow of energy moves throughout the body. This movement supports healing in the mind and body and its ability to harness inner strength strength and discovery.

Distance Reiki still available. Contact me for more info on rates and REIKI SPECIAL for first time clients