Prana Flow (Virtual LIVE)

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Time to Om at home! Prana Flow will warm the body through a gentle flow and focus on moving the breath (prana) to create ease and strength throughout the body. The negativity that becomes stagnant and stuck in the body needs to be cleansed to find ease. Dig in deep, cleanse and wash through what is painful, distracting, or sort through what is overwhelming. Find your strength that gently exfoliates and pushes away the mountains in front of our happiness and positive actions. We will move from micro to macro movements in the body. Grounding, centering, and spiraling upward our old to give breath to the new. 

Thursdays 7:30 -8:30pm

Sign up for emailed links. Class is $12. Venmo or checks accepted
5 for $60  |   10 for $100
** Feed Week
Feed weeks are a chance to help our larger community through donation. We are asking in light of the COVID 19 epidemic that people donate to to the following. Community Giving Tree , Danvers Food Pantry, and Black Lives Matter.

Gentle Yoga (Virtual LIVE)


A practice that blends movement, breath, and postures to gently strengthen and tone the body and mind with a community. ALL are welcome. The need for healing continues through each transition in our lives. We all need continued self care, strengthening, and a tribe. Flowing with our breath to create balance can decrease anxiety, can lift energy levels and mood, and build confidence. 

Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm

Sign up for emailed links. Class is $12. Venmo or checks accepted
5 for $60  |   10 for $100
** Feed Week
Feed weeks are a chance to help our larger community through donation. We are asking in light of the COVID 19 epidemic that people donate to to the following. Community Giving Tree , Danvers Food Pantry, and Black Lives Matter.


Prenatal Yoga

A practice that supports mom and baby as they prepare for labor and beyond. In these classes we gently stretch and strengthen the body, increase energy and vitality through mindful movements and postures. We build a community and cultivate our capacity to breathe freely and release tension.

Contact for Backyard Yoga availability

Mom and Baby Yoga Series

Saturdays Aug 8, 15, 22, 29

9-10am |4 weeks / $48|

John George Park (grass next to boat ramp)

9010e9b3-65ec-4595-abd7-b6e61ff6c68aCheck or venmo accepted. Moms welcomed 6 wks postpartum and cleared for exercise. Recommended for babies 3 months until walking. Registration required – space limited. 

Mom and Baby Yoga  focuses on gentle, therapeutic movement designed to promote healthy formative development in baby, as well as movement, breathing, and relaxation exercises that encourage both strength and peace in the body and mind of the mother. This decreases stress, anxiety, and promotes energy, strength, and confidence in the postpartum body and mind.  Join this calm mama tribe of support, make some mom friends and time to bond with your baby. See you soon on your mat for some peace, play time, and baby massage (given by mom). 




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Bliss Workshop Series

@ Laplante Healing Arts

Spring Bliss 20On pause but stay tuned for more of ALL the LOVE mentioned below…

This Spring Bliss Yoga workshop will rise just like the sun with warmth, light, innate fire, vitality, reflection, balance and power.

Join us for a luscious morning of inner energizing with Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Reflective Writing, Meditation and BLISS as we welcome the spring and shine light and love on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The solar plexus chakra helps us grow our confidence and vitality. Practices that support this chakra energize us to follow our true path and create the life we want. The solar plexus chakra radiates our inner fire and personal power for fulfillment, abundance, courage and self-confidence; inviting us to develop our authentic self.

Our Seasonal Bliss workshops are a synergistic collaboration of Nicole Driscoll, Christine Iarrobino and Lisa LaPlante offering a unique blend of each of their skills, talents and specialties. Participants are deeply supported in love, light and safe communities for a one of a kind yogic practice and refreshing blissful treat!

Our workshops notoriously sell out in advance. Pre-registration is strongly suggested.

Our highest priority is always the health and well-being of our students. With that in mind, we are taking extra precautions, and additional steps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses at the studio. The equipment and space is cleaned prior to classes and workshops. In addition; prior to hands on assists, massage, and reiki we utilize responsible sanitizing practices, as well as in between the approach of each student. If you have any questions with regards to the current concern around COVID-19 or any other seasonal viruses, please let us know.



Bi-Monthly Postnatal Realign and Restore

On pause but stay tuned for more Mom healing…

Register @ Green Tea Yoga

Postnatal Realign and Restore.png

Join us for an afternoon of gentle yoga as we return to our mats, our new bodies, and practice with our mama tribe. We will realign and hold postures to build strength and tone target areas. We will flow gently loosening any tight new mom muscles while being sensitive and accommodating to our new and transitioning bodies. Lastly we will melt into our mats over a series of restorative poses, massage, and lavender.

Led by certified yoga instructor Christine Iarrobino. For more info visit and follow when new classes and workshops are @BijaLight

Love yourself.   Receive Love.   Radiate Love.

Register yourself and your deserving mom friend for Valentine’s Day!


Bi -Monthly Prenatal Restorative Yoga

On pause but stay tuned for more Mom healing…

Check site for dates – Green Tea Yoga


Join us us on the first Saturday of each month for a 90-minute prenatal restorative workshop that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed! Prenatal Restorative Yoga not only allows for deep relaxation for you during your pregnancy but a unique opportunity to build the special bond between mother and child. We use many props (blocks, blankets, bolsters and sand bags) to fully support and relax the body in various poses targeted for pregnancy. F_YOGA_18Poses are held for extended periods of time to release the physical and emotional stress that occurs from a mother’s rapidly changing body.  Light massage will be provided throughout the workshop, as well as lavender heat bags, and essential oils. Drifting in and out of a meditation and deep breathing mom will have the opportunity to gain a deeper connection with her baby and own inner wisdom in preparing for labor and motherhood.  

Register at Green Tea Yoga

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